Scents of the Silk Road Collection

This collection of three new scents is inspired by the stories, traditions and scents from the old Silk Road that once linked the east to the west.
Traders picked up many products on this long route to sell in the west, such as amber, precious oils,  silks, perfumes and spices, which inspired the scents in this collection.

Eastern Spices Beeswax Candles

Eastern Spices. Saffron, Cinnamon & Clove.

Midnight Jasmine.  White musk and a hint of cedarwood

Golden Delights. Shimmering amber, luscious peach, warm leather and aromatic oud.

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White Michelia Beeswax Candle

The sweet fragrance of White Michelia, Hong Kong’s favourite flower

Ginger Lily Candle

The scent of Ginger Lily will refresh your home and delight your senses

Fruity Mint Beeswax Candles

Caribbean combination of zesty lime, fresh mint and rum

Red Red Rose Beeswax Candles

The heady scent of red roses with the earthiness of aromatic Oud

Ish-ka home fragrances

Scents of wild grasses, fresh citrus and aromatic dried wood

Jasmine Rose Cranberry fragranced candles

Sweet jasmine, rose and fruity cranberry.  Scents from a timeless garden.

Green Tea Beeswax Candles

Combining Green Tea with a hint of lemon to create a natural and refined fragrance