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Festive Spices Fragrance Oil 10ml

Every corner of the house was filled with the scent of traditional Christmas delights – cinnamon, orange and clove. Festive Spices fragrance oil contains 10ml of fragrance. Add a few drops to water in your favourite diffuser.

Red, Red Rose Fragrance Oil 10ml

Red, Red Rose scented fragrance oil 10ml. Red, Red Rose combines the heady scent of red roses with the earthiness of aromatic Oud, a scented wood found in Asia and the Middle East. A perfect gift for true romantics.

Tropical Forest Fragrance Oil 10ml

10ml tropical forest fragrance oil. Layered scents of sea moss, coastal redwood trees and vetiver recreate the vibrant freshness of a tropical forest after the rain.

Ish-Ka Fragrance Oil 10ml

Ish-Ka 10ml fragrance oil. Scents of wild grasses, fresh citrus and aromatic dried wood evoke the vitality of Irish water – fresh, clean and always invigorating.