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Jasmine Rose & Cranberry Oil 10ml

Jasmine Rose & Cranberry scented fragrance oil 10ml. Step into a timeless, fragrant garden, scented with sweet Jasmine, musky Rose and fruity Cranberry.

Geraniol & Citronella Oil 10ml

Geraniol & Citronella scented fragrance oil 10ml.  Geraniol is a plant-based oil that is a proven insect repellent. Its light, floral scent combines well with the fresh lemon scent of citronella, which has long been used to deter insects.

Snowflakes Fragrance Oil

A cold winter’s night lit up by sparkling snowflakes that dance on the rooftops of warmly lit houses. Toasted coconut flakes blend with white chocolate in Snowflakes to make everything a little brighter and sweeter this Christmas. Snowflakes Fragrance Oil is mixed with water added a few drops at a time to your favourite diffuser.  Each bottle contains 10ml.

Fruity Mint Oil 10ml

Fruity Mint scented fragrance oil 10ml. An uplifting and refreshing mix of spearmint, lemon and orange to tickle your senses.

Green Seas Oil 10ml

Green Seas scented fragrance oil 10ml. Close your eyes and smell the sparkling summer sea with this scent of sea salt and sage.

Violet Fragrance Oil 10ml

Violet scented fragrance oil 10ml. The scent of fresh violet flowers.

Herbal Fresh Fragrance Oil 10ml

Herbal Fresh scented fragrance oil 10ml. A fresh, clean scent.

Clove Bud Organic Essential Oil

Clove bud organic essential oil USDA certified 10ml.  Clove oil is an essential oil that’s derived from clove trees.
Organic Latin Name: Eugenia caryophyllata
Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Plant part: Fruits
USE Aromatherapy, Natural Perfumery
Caution: Clove Bud Oil can cause sensitization in some individuals and should be used in dilution. It should also be avoided during pregnancy.

Eastern Spices Fragrance Oil 10ml

Eastern Spices scented fragrance oil 10ml. From the east, rare, richly fragrant spices were brought to the west across deserts and plains, often carried by sumptuously adorned horses. Eastern Spices brings the long-loved aroma of saffron, cinnamon and clove into your home.

Golden Delights Fragrance Oil 10ml

Golden Delights scented fragrance oil 10ml. Shimmering amber, luscious peach, warm leather and aromatic oud. Laden with layers of authentic, lingering scents. Golden Delights is a richly evocative feast for the senses.

Nutmeg Organic Essential Oil

Nutmeg organic essential oil USDA certified 10ml. Country of Origin: Sri Lanka Botanical Name: Myristica Fragrans Parts Used: Seed Extraction Method: Steam Distilled Scent: Medium, Rich, Spicy, Sweet, and Woody Appearance: Colorless to Pale Yellow Natural: Yes Purity: 100% Organic Certified: Yes