Essential Oils

The Candle Company essential oils are sourced around the world and offer you the highest quality. Because of their concentrated nature, we strongly recommend that they should be diluted in oil or water before use.


  • Children under two years of age should not be treated with essential oils.
  • Essential oils should not be taken internally without professional advice.
  • We do not recommend the use of essential oils during pregnancy or if breast-feeding.
  • Most essential oils should be diluted when using on the skin, normally in a carrier oil such as Grapeseed or Sweet Almond oil.

How to use essential oils
Massage: For one session, pour a tablespoon of oil into a saucer and add just two to three drops of the required essential oil.
Vapourising: Put a few tablespoons of warm water and add a few drops of oil into a diffuser.
Compresses: Soak a piece of cotton in a small bowl of warm water with two to five drops of essential oil then apply to the affected area.
Baths: Run a warm bath and add four to six drops of essential oil to the running water.
Inhalations: Put steaming water and two to three drops of essential oil in a bowl. Place a towel over your head and the bowl and inhale the vapour for a few minutes.
Room Refreshing: Freshen a room by adding a few drops of essential oil into an aroma diffuser.

Aromatherapy Uses
Confidence: Cedarwood (one drop) + Pine (one drop) + Orange (one drop)
Relaxation: Lavender (one drop) + Orange (two drops) + Rosemary (one drop)
Relaxation 2: Bergamot (two drops) + Lavender (one drop) + Mandarin (two drops)
Vitality: Lavender (two drops) + Peppermint (two drops)
Motivation: Grapefruit (two drops) + Lavender (two drops) + Rosemary (one drop)
Soothing: Chamomile (two drops) + Lavender (two drops)
Soothing 2: Lavender (one drop) + Ylang Ylang (one drop) + Geranium (one drop) + Lemon (one drop)
Sensuality: Patchouli (two drops) + Ylang Ylang (two drops) + Orange (one drop)
Stress reliever: Geranium (two drops) + Lemon (two drops)
Stress reliever 2 : Lavender (two drops) + Sandalwood (two drops)
Concentration: Basil (one drop) + Lemon (one drop) + Rosemary (one drop)
Revitalization: Bergamot (one drop) + Lime (one drop) + Peppermint (one drop)
Deodorization: Eucalyptus (two drops) + Lemongrass (three drops)
Insomnia: Lavender (one drop) + Orange (one drop) + Chamomile (one drop)
Insomnia 2: Marjoram (one drop) + Lavender (two drops) + Sandalwood (one drop)
Slimming: Juniper (two drops) + Rosemary (one drop) + Frankincense (two drops)
Cold & Flu: Lavender (one drop) + Tea Tree (one drop) + Thyme (one drop)
Asthma: Cedarwood (two drops) + Lime (one drop) + Peppermint (one drop) + Lemon (one drop)
Asthma 2: Frankincense (two drops) + Lavender (two drops) + Geranium (two drops) + Marjoram (two drops)
Allergies: Eucalyptus (two drops) + Lemon (one drop) + Tea Tree (one drop)
Mental Fatigue: Marjoram (one drop) + Ylang Ylang (two drops) + Rose (two drops)
Mental Fatigue 2: Orange (two drops) + Rosemary (two drops) + Lavender (one drop)
Headaches: Marjoram (two drops) + Lavender (two drops) + Peppermint (one drop)
Hangover: Fennel (one drop) + Lavender (one drop) + Sandalwood (one drop) + Lemon (two drops)
Depression: Lemon (one drop) + Lime (two drops) + Peppermint (one drop) + Rosemary (two drops) + Thyme (one drop)
Insect repellent: Eucalyptus (four drops)

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