Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are an elegant and lasting way to scent your home. The Candle Company’s reed diffusers contain essential oils that are carefully selected with long-lasting scents to effectively perfume your home or office. Our reed diffusers are made in Hong Kong and our oils are sourced from France.

  • Turn the reeds every three to four days. For a stronger scent, turn them more frequently but remember the more often you turn them, the quicker you will use up the scent.
  • The tips of the reeds contain the most scent, so ensure the reeds are well separated to encourage maximum impact.
  • If the bottle is not empty but the fragrance doesn’t seem to be diffusing replace the reeds. Occasionally reeds may become saturated. A pack of reeds is inexpensive and you can find them at The Candle Company.
  • Our reed diffuser oils last for months, although it is not possible to say for precisely how long as they are subject to environmental factors like humidity and air conditioning.
  • Don’t mix reeds from other diffusers. If you need new reeds, always buy a new pack.
  • Don’t dilute the scent with water or alcohol, it will diminish the effect.
  • Once the oil is finished you can re-use the bottle. The Candle Company sells refills of your favorite scents.

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