Butterscotch Pudding 100% Beeswax Tin Candle


The seductive darling of America’s sweet tooth, richly mellow butterscotch has enchanted Statesiders for centuries. The combination of buttery caramel, maple sugar and vanilla mixed with pecans, roasted for that extra crunch, the scent of butterscotch makes everyone draw a second breath. Relive that lip-smacking sensation with Wax Americana’s irresistible Butterscotch Pudding candle.

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WAX AMERICANA is a fabulous new range of American-themed candles. Made of 100% pure beeswax and perfumed with the finest quality scents, this new range of eight richly scented, clean-burning candles brings the best-loved flavors of America into your home and office, and its unique packaging ensures it makes the perfect gift.

This tin candle measures approximately D5.5 x H3cm and burns for about 3 hours.