White Michelia 8 Beeswax Tea Lights


Pack of 8 100% beeswax tea lights. Each tealight burns for approximately 4.5 hours. Scented with the sweet fragrance of White Michelia, Hong Kong’s favourite flower. Hand made by us in Hong Kong.
White Michelia brings back childhood memories for many people in Hong Kong. About 20 years ago, it was easy to find people selling White Michelia bouquets along the street. but it is harder to find the flower sellers these days. Now you can bring the sweet scent of this special Hong Kong fragrance into your life and home once again.


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前調: 木蘭花、草本植物、玫瑰
中調: 鈴蘭、兔耳花、茉莉
基調: 樹脂

The Candle Company 的蜂蠟茶燭系列為純天然手工蠟燭,由我們以全人手製作,並於香港製造。純天然蜂蠟蠟燭燃燒時間較一般蠟燭為長。每粒蜂蠟茶燭燃燒時間約為4.5小時。