200ml Sakura reed diffuser


Sakura is the favourite flower of Japan. The small, scented cherry blossoms bloom for only a few weeks, a reminder of life’s fleeting beauty.

Japan, the Sakura tree is a reminder of life’s beauty and fragility. The delicate Sakura flowers bloom for only a short time each spring. Bringing their exquisite cherry bloosom fragrance and a promise of hope and renewal.

Carroll&Chan commissioned Japanese artist Hisahiro Fukasawa to create the beautiful original artwork for Sakura.

“I was influenced and inspired by gorgeous, graceful or elegant paintings of flowers and birds which were painted during the Japanese Muromachi era to Edo era,” says Fukasawa. “I add modern lightness into the drawings for sublimation.”

200ml reed diffuser, lasts for approx. 3 to 4 months.

Our 200ml diffusers come with a pack of 8 natural rattan reeds.  The natural sola wood diffuser flowers shown in the picture are available for purchase separately.


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200ml diffuser