White Michelia Fragrance Oil 10ml


White Michelia brings back childhood memories for many people in Hong Kong. About 20 years ago, it was easy to find people selling White Michelia bouquets along the street. but it is harder to find the flower sellers these days. Now you can bring the sweet scent of this special Hong Kong fragrance into your life and home once again! Mix a few drops of our fragrance oil with water in your oil burner and enjoy the aroma.


[:HK]10ml 白蘭花香氛油。這甜美獨特的白蘭花香氣,為您帶來充滿熱帶風情的醉人空間。
[:zh]10ml 白兰花香氛油。这甜美独特的白兰花香气,为您带来充满热带风情的醉人空间。[:]